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Passion for authenticity

Anodized aluminum gives the room an understated elegance. Link: Video sensuousness of materials using loving craftsmanship

Surfaces appeal to our senses: The beautiful aura of anodized aluminum, velvet-soft lacquer work, the fine interaction of color and grain in the veneers. Our appreciation of the integrity of materials and our passion for detail are clearly evident throughout every aspect in the manufacturing of bulthaup products. Though processed by machine, our surfaces are then hand finished by bulthaup trained craftsmen producing a quality machines are unable to produce.

Laminate in matt white


Quality and perfection for all the senses

There's laminate and then there's bulthaup laminate. The evenly through-dyed material is exceptionally resilient and very durable. With its calm, minimalist appearance, it is sublime to experience by look and feel. Fronts, worktops, and monoblocks appear as though made from a single mold.

Slightly iridescent stainless steel surface


The charm lies in the contrast

Metal has a truthful character. Aluminum and stainless steel are technical materials that have a warm and soft appeal despite their metallic properties. As the viewer's position changes, so too does the appearance of the metal surface. The effect is one of sophisticated dynamism within the room. Combined with materials such as laminate, lacquer, or wood, metal is the ideal design element for creating an atmosphere of thoughtful elegance.

Create your unique surroundings
Aluminum wall cladding in golden brown shade


Create your unique surroundings

The material's unique colors change with the light. The result is an array of new impressions in the room, whether you use the aluminum in your kitchen or in your living area. The process of anodizing aluminum, creates the degree of resilience required of the material and produces a nuanced palette of lighter and darker shades.

Character and an individual patina
Island element made from brushed stainless steel with precise edges

Stainless steel

Character and an individual patina

Every material tells its own story. Stainless steel tells a story of standing up to tremendous technical and functional demands, such as the kind made of it in professional kitchens. Stainless steel also recounts the personal story of your kitchen. It develops traces of use over time, creating an individual patina and unique character.

Immaculate lacquer surface in which the room is reflected


The surface in its most beautiful form

There is scarcely any material more suited than lacquer for putting an individual stamp on a living space. This is made possible by a harmonious world of color that can be used in kitchens and living spaces alike. Every painted front goes through a meticulous production process. After each layer of lacquer, the fronts are finished by hand until the transition from surface to edge is seamless and smooth.

High-gloss surfaces
Perfect high-gloss lacquer on a light-gray kitchen element

Brilliant lacquer

High-gloss surfaces

Upon seeing our personal objects mirrored in a lacquered front, we realize the effect that materials can have. Mirroring in brilliant lacquer makes the room look bigger.

Scope for the individual touch
Kitchen element in matt white

Matt lacquer

Scope for the individual touch

The appearance of matt lacquer is calming to the eye and to the spirit. The material recedes, creating space and scope for the life that plays out in the kitchen.

A gentle caress for eyes and fingers
Front panels coated with light soft touch lacquer

Soft-touch lacquer

A gentle caress for eyes and fingers

The material confounds popular expectations of a lacquered surface. Instead, it surprises us with a visual and tactile experience. Our fingers experience a velvet-soft surface. Our eyes appreciate the warm elegance.

Kitchen rear wall in dark wood with clearly visible grain


Every tree is a unique creation, just like your kitchen

People feel secure in a room done in wood. Wood communicates well-being and warmth. And just as each tree trunk is unique, so too is your bulthaup b3 kitchen. The finish - thanks to craftsman skill - ensures that the material's natural qualities are preserved. You can feel them, smell them, and see them.


Accomplished nature
Functional rear wall with wood veneer


Accomplished nature

A bulthaup b3 veneer front is a custom-made, one-of-a kind-creation made from a unique trunk. The bulthaup veneer master craftsman selects exactly the right veneers for each kitchen. He puts the veneers together by hand to create a harmonious surface. The result is a homogeneous unit in your living space.

As strong as it needs to be
Front panels made from dark solid wood

Solid wood

As strong as it needs to be

For bulthaup, wood is so valuable that it is used with very specific intentions in mind. The solid wood fronts are 13 mm thick, making them as strong as they need to be yet as delicate as possible. A total of five layers: Three solid wood layers, sandwiched together with two fine aluminum layers, create an attractive edge.

bulthaup materials must be experienced with all the senses to truly appreciate their excellence. Experience them for yourself at a showroom near you.