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Cooking and enjoying life in an abundance of space

b2 workbench: easily accessible, it impresses with its minimalist design and offer of ample legroom

Working with our hands comes easier when there is adequate space for creativity and an orderly and calm atmosphere. On the bulthaup b2 workbench, functions can be efficiently lined up for washing, chopping, preparing, and cooking, or it can simply be a place of gathering and connecting. There are various modules available to choose from. Consequently, the b2 workbench becomes a part of the room, allowing for complete freedom of movement around the workstation, as well as connection with friends and family.

Organization system of the workbench: storage containers needed for preparing dishes are mounted in the function gap
Cookware can be hung in the function gap and is therefore within easy reach

Practical accessories

At hand as you need them

The functional gap on the end of the workbench offers a practical place for you to hang various containers and kitchen tools. They can be positioned per your preference so that they are at hand, as you need them.

Single-lever faucet can be used with a one hand or an elbow
Close-up: brushed stainless steel water point, integrated seamlessly into the workbench

Water point

Easy to care for and functional

The water point is seamlessly integrated into a stainless steel or granite module: this, and the material, makes it easy to care for and exceptionally hygienic. With the mixer faucet developed especially by bulthaup, you can control the flow and temperature of the water with just one hand.

What makes the bulthaup b2 workbench so special? Find out for yourself at a showroom near you.